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ProspectPal is an AI-powered B2B prospecting tool that leverages social media data to generate new sales leads on autopilot.

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About the application ProspectPal

ProspectPal is a revolutionary software solution that uses artificial intelligence to automate the B2B prospecting process. It harnesses the power of AI to identify and engage your ideal target customers, generating new sales leads on autopilot.

Background and Development

ProspectPal was born out of a need for a scalable and automated lead generation engine. It was developed by Automated AI Workflows Ltd, a company that believes in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform has enabled companies like KO-PYLOT to double their lead generation output.

Core Features and Capabilities

ProspectPal offers a range of features including geo-based, demographic and firmographic social media data analysis, Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach, and CRM synchronization. It also provides a 1:1 onboarding program and live chat support.

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