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QuestWiz is an AI-powered support companion that boosts customer satisfaction and lowers support costs by turning your data into productivity.

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About the application QuestWiz

QuestWiz is an advanced AI-powered support companion designed to connect to your chosen apps for extra insights. It's a tool that not only understands your business but also takes care of all your FAQ-tasks to your standard. Just connect your apps, data, and support documents, let QuestWiz learn from all your FAQ data, and optimize from there.

Background and Development

QuestWiz was developed with the aim of transforming customer support by leveraging the power of AI. It's designed to analyze all accumulated documents and act as an expert on all your company processes to provide the answer you need in seconds.

Core Features and Capabilities

QuestWiz supports over 50 languages and resolves 80% of customer questions instantly. It allows you to securely upload relevant documents in various formats to train your AI assistant. It also offers fully customizable widgets for easy embedding on your website.

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