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Recaster AI is a fast and accurate Image translation AI tool that facilitates seamless bulk product imports from the Shopify platform. Improve your SEO up to 80% without SEO and content writers.

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  • July 7, 2024
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About the application Recaster

Recaster AI is a revolutionary tool designed to transform your e-commerce into intelligent commerce. It leverages advanced AI technology to translate images into SEO-friendly content, enhancing your online visibility and boosting your SEO by up to 80%.

Background and Development

Recaster AI was developed with the aim of simplifying the process of generating SEO content for e-commerce platforms. The tool was designed to facilitate seamless bulk product imports from the Shopify platform, allowing users to effortlessly import CSV from Shopify, upload to Recaster, and generate SEO-friendly content instantly.

Core Features and Capabilities

Recaster AI offers a range of features including the ability to generate product content, bulk import from Shopify, and the upcoming feature of Shopify, Wordpress, and Amazon plugins. It also provides personalized SEO consultancy and SEO audits for premium users.

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