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Sieve is an AI infrastructure tool that enables you to build and deploy AI features swiftly and efficiently.

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About the application Sieve

Sieve is a comprehensive platform that provides building blocks and infrastructure for AI. It empowers users to implement AI features in a matter of weeks, not years, while maintaining full control over cost, quality, and speed.

Background and Development

Sieve is developed by a team of machine learning experts from renowned institutions and companies like Berkeley, NVIDIA, Apple, Snapchat, Microsoft, and Scale AI. The platform is designed to support custom use cases and seamlessly integrate into existing pipelines.

Core Features and Capabilities

Sieve offers a curated set of production-ready apps for various use cases. These include Auto Crop, Analyze Transcripts, Lip Sync, Transcribe Speech, Dub Content, and Generate a Video Description. Users can also build complex AI apps by importing their favorite models like Python packages.

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