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SongDonkey is a free AI vocal remover that isolates voice parts from an audio track or music recording. Create your own karaoke version of any song!

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About the application SongDonkey

SongDonkey is a revolutionary tool that uses AI to remove vocals and isolate instruments in any audio track. This free tool allows users to create their own karaoke versions of songs, making it a fun and useful application for music lovers.

Background and Development

SongDonkey was developed with the aim of making music more interactive and customizable. The tool uses advanced AI models trained on large datasets of songs with and without vocals, enabling it to recognize and isolate human voices effectively.

Core Features and Capabilities

SongDonkey allows users to upload tracks from their PC, Mac, or phone, choose the number of stems in the output, listen to a preview, and download the split tracks. It supports .mp3 and .wav files and ensures high-quality output without requiring any registration.

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