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Accelerate your email management with Superflows, an AI email assistant designed to help you navigate your inbox more efficiently.

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About the application Superflows

Background and Development

Superflows is an innovative tool designed to enhance user experience by integrating an AI Copilot into SaaS products. The tool was developed by a dedicated team at Learney AI Ltd., who pivoted their focus to create a product that allows users to get answers and perform tasks via chat. Superflows has seen significant evolution since its inception, with the addition of new features and capabilities that have been well-received by its user base.

Core Features and Capabilities

Superflows offers a range of features designed to improve user experience. These include an API and developer dashboard, user interface components, and AI user assistance. The tool is open source, allowing users to follow its development on GitHub and make feature suggestions. Superflows also provides a control dashboard for product teams, making it easy to set up and configure the product assistant.

User Experience

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