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Swipify is a free tool offering a curated library of static ads, AI analysis, and sharing features to inspire your creative strategy.

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  • June 27, 2024
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About the application Swipify

Swipify is a revolutionary tool designed to inspire your creative strategy. It offers a hand-curated library of static ads, allowing you to base your creative strategy on proven and trending ad concepts. With Swipify, you can create custom collections, save and share ad previews, and analyze potential ad performance with AI.

Background and Development

Swipify was developed with the aim of providing a reliable source of ad ideas. Each ad in our library is vetted by our team of ad experts, ensuring only high-quality ads make it to our collection.

Core Features and Capabilities

Swipify offers a range of features including an ad library, collections, filters, and AI analysis. You can view every ad's metadata, share a public-facing preview link of an ad, and assess potential ad performance with AI.

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