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Vellum AI offers a comprehensive platform for developing, testing, and deploying AI applications with features like prompt engineering, semantic search, and more.

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  • June 9, 2024
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Vellum AI


About the application Vellum AI

Vellum AI is a robust platform designed to take LLM-powered features from prototype to production. It provides a suite of tools for prompt engineering, semantic search, prompt chaining, evaluations, and monitoring, making it a trusted choice for building AI systems.

Background and Development

Backed by top VCs including Y Combinator, Rebel Fund, Eastlink Capital, and the founders of HubSpot, Reddit, Dropbox, Cruise, and Instacart, Vellum AI has established a strong presence in the AI development landscape.

Core Features and Capabilities

Vellum AI offers a wide range of features including workflow automation, document analysis, fine-tuning, Q&A over Docs, intent classification, summarization, vector search, email generator, chatbots, blog generator, topic summarizer, sentiment analysis, and more.

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