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AI-driven Zendesk Support Chatbot designed to speed up operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

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  • July 10, 2024
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About the application Zenbots

Zendesk AI Chatbot, a dedicated support tool, is designed to streamline your operations, assist your agents, and empower your customers to solve problems independently. This AI-driven solution integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, ready to operate in under 24 hours.

Background and Development

Zendesk AI Chatbot is a product of Zenbots.ai, a company dedicated to enhancing customer support through AI technology. The chatbot is a result of extensive research and development, designed to integrate seamlessly with Zendesk support articles.

Core Features and Capabilities

The chatbot offers a range of features including the ability to embed anywhere you want, readiness under 24 hours, and access to all Zendesk support articles. These features are designed to enhance customer support and reduce the number of incoming tickets.

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