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Litero, an AI co-writer that helps students research, write, paraphrase, and cite effortlessly. No credit card required.

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About the application Litero

Litero is an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist students in researching, writing, paraphrasing, and citing for their essays. It's a mighty yet simple AI co-writer that uses the power of ChatGPT while keeping your unique voice and originality.

Background and Development

Litero was developed with the aim to make academic writing easier and more efficient. It has been used by over 230,000 smart students, proving its effectiveness and reliability.

Core Features and Capabilities

Litero offers a range of features including an Outline Generator, AI Autosuggest, Citation tool, and a built-in ChatGPT. These features are designed to help students start their essays, overcome writer's block, add references and citations effortlessly, and integrate the AI assistant into their workflow.

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