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Mottle allows you to create a custom AI chatbot for your website without any coding. It's easy to install and can be trained on your business info.

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About the application Mottle

Mottle is a revolutionary tool that allows businesses to quickly install a custom AI chatbot on their website. With Mottle, you can train your chatbot on your business information and have it assist your customers 24/7. No coding or complicated installation is required.

Background and Development

Mottle was developed with the aim of making AI chatbots accessible to all businesses, regardless of their technical expertise. The latest model, GPT-o, has doubled the quota, making it even more efficient.

Core Features and Capabilities

Mottle offers a range of features including easy setup, debugging capabilities, and multilingual support. It's trusted by over 2,000 businesses and allows you to get your bot up and running in just 10 minutes.

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