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RapidoForm is an advanced form builder that allows you to create engaging forms, surveys, and quizzes. It features unique question types, AI-enabled analysis, and seamless integration capabilities.

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  • June 6, 2024
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About the application RapidoForm

RapidoForm is a powerful form builder designed to make the process of creating forms, surveys, and quizzes enjoyable and efficient. It offers a wide range of unique question types, allowing you to design the perfect study. With RapidoForm, you can share links, embed forms on your website, and even recruit participants within the platform.

Developed with a focus on user experience, RapidoForm provides a standalone platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing stack. It features AI-enabled features that accelerate analysis, making it easier to sort through a mountain of data. Once you're done, you can build stunning deliverables to tell genuine stories.

RapidoForm also allows you to share your results in various ways. You can embed it into your website, launch it in an email, or simply share the link. It provides insights into responses and completion rates and allows you to send data to your favorite tools for in-depth analysis.

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