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TripoSR, developed in partnership with Tripo AI, generates high-quality 3D models from a single image in under a second. Accessible and practical for a wide range of users and applications.

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About the application TripoSR

TripoSR is a fast 3D object reconstruction model developed in partnership with Tripo AI. Inspired by the recent work of LRM: Large Reconstruction Model For Single Image to 3D, TripoSR caters to the growing demands of entertainment, gaming, industrial design, and architecture professionals, providing responsive outputs for visualizing detailed 3D objects.

Background and Development

TripoSR is a result of a partnership with Tripo AI, aiming to create a model that can generate high-quality 3D models from a single image in under a second. The model weights and source code are available for download under the MIT license, allowing commercialized, personal, and research use.

Core Features and Capabilities

TripoSR can create detailed 3D models in a fraction of the time of other models. It generates draft-quality 3D outputs (textured meshes) in around 0.5 seconds, outperforming other open image-to-3D models such as OpenLRM. The model is fully accessible to users with or without GPUs.

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