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TurboScribe is an AI-powered transcription service offering unlimited audio and video transcription in 98+ languages with 99.8% accuracy.

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About the application TurboScribe

TurboScribe is a revolutionary AI-powered transcription service that converts audio and video files into accurate text in seconds. It supports over 98 languages and offers unlimited transcriptions, making it a versatile tool for various transcription needs.

Background and Development

TurboScribe was developed by Leif, an AI expert with a decade of experience in building AI systems. The tool is powered by Whisper, the most accurate and powerful AI speech to text transcription technology in the world.

Core Features and Capabilities

TurboScribe offers a range of features including unlimited transcriptions, 10-hour uploads, speaker recognition, and private & secure transcriptions. It supports all common formats and allows users to download transcripts in various formats.

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