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Healax, an AI-powered mental health solution, helps students manage stress and anxiety, offering tailored activities and content for a wholesome educational experience.

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Healax is an innovative AI-powered mental health solution designed to help students proactively tackle stress and anxiety in their everyday lives. It fosters a culture of well-being and support by acting as a bridge between universities and their students.

Developed by DataHouse, Healax uses innovative algorithms and features designed by a U.S. psychologist. It offers a 20-minute AI-powered test that gathers responses from students, analyzes the data, and provides actionable advice corresponding to each student's mental health condition.

Healax's core features include Intelligent Mood Tracking & Emotional Insights, Sharing & Supportive Community, and Mindful Resources. These features allow students to record, monitor, and understand their emotional state, book sessions with mental health professionals, and access resources like community forums, healthy blogs, MindfulWalk, Breathing Exercises, Sleeping Sounds, and GratitudeBox.

Healax's user-friendly interface and robust features like KnowMe reports, content management and moderation for blogs, feeds, and forums, detailed utilization reports, and event planning optimization make it a comprehensive tool for enhancing student well-being.

Healax is more than an app; it's a campus-wide commitment to student mental health. It's currently under development and will be available soon.

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