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Misgif is an AI tool that brings fun, creativity, and personalization to your group chats. Insert yourself into your favorite GIFs, TV shows, and movies with a single selfie.

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About the application Misgif

Misgif, pronounced as mis-JIF, is an innovative tool that is set to revolutionize the way we interact in group chats. It allows users to insert themselves into their favorite GIFs, TV shows, and movies with just a single selfie, making group chats more fun, personalized, and surprising.

Background and Development

Misgif is currently in its development phase, with an iOS app set to launch soon. The tool is powered by Tenor, a popular GIF platform, ensuring a wide variety of GIFs for users to choose from.

Core Features and Capabilities

Misgif's primary feature is its ability to allow users to insert themselves into any GIF, TV show, or movie scene. This feature is powered by advanced AI technology, which ensures a seamless and realistic integration of the user's selfie into the chosen GIF.

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