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OnModel, an AI tool by Trendage, revolutionizes online stores by replacing traditional photoshoots with AI-generated model images.

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About the application OnModel

OnModel.ai, a product of Trendage, is a game-changer for e-commerce platforms. This AI tool enables the placement of clothing on models without the need for traditional photoshoots. It adjusts models based on various attributes such as age, gender, and more, while also altering backgrounds. Users can standardize images, represent diverse ethnicities, and boost SEO rankings. Its unique selling point is its integration with Shopify and the alignment of models with customer demographics for a unique shopping experience.

Background and Development

OnModel was launched on January 15, 2024, by Trendage, a company known for its innovative solutions in the e-commerce sector. The tool was developed with the aim of transforming the way online stores present their products, making it more efficient and inclusive.

Core Features and Capabilities

OnModel's primary feature is its ability to place clothing on models without the need for traditional photoshoots. It can adjust models based on various attributes and transform backgrounds. The tool also allows users to standardize images and represent diverse ethnicities.

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